Adriana Mica, PhD

Failure Lab, UW.

Coaching failure

Coaching Failure: Practices of Experts and Story-telling with Regard to Failure in Contemporary Society (2022)

IDUB microgrant — “Excellence Initiative” at University of Warsaw
The study visit at Columbia University in the City of New York aims to fashion a competitive research proposal on processes of expertization of failure.
Mica (UW) and Prof. Stuart Firestein (Columbia University) have been looking for modalities to establish failure research for two years now. The study visit will allow to develop a research plan and questionnaire on how expert knowledge on failure is constituted, how it is practiced and what are the rules of its delivery. Prof. Firestein will offer in-depth expertise on the value of failure in science. He will also provide liaison with institutions for the study of failure as an educational tool. Allowing to have access to groundbreaking findings on the institutionalization of failure expertise and communicating knowledge on how failure can become a resource of success and social emancipation in various domains.