Adriana Mica, PhD

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization, UW.

sociologist, critical and constructivist scholar

co-organizer of Unintended Consequences Workshops (Polish Sociological Association, University of Warsaw) and Possible Worlds: Practice, Ethics, Hope and Distress mini-conference (SASE)
photo: @daniel_wisniewski_fotografia

leader of Research Unit on Action and Consequences (University of Warsaw)


Change in the regimes of ignorance is contingent on the pace and conditions in which we elaborate new futures and reformulate existing ones. In the context of the European refugee crisis, this entails that the applicable ignorance has changed to the extent to which the countries we analyzed were able to embark on elaborating new futures, and to stick with these new projections. In the case, however, they abandon these new futures, or the new futures are reified hastily, the regimes of ignorance either change superficially or they embark on a new logic too quickly. (Ignorance and Change, 2020, p. 186)





Sociology of unintended consequences can be entered, and departed with no strings attached because there is, in actuality, no binding identity of ”sociology of unintended consequences.” No sociologist claims to be a sociologist of the unintended to the extent that she claims to be a sociologist of social capital, of power, of gender, social change, etc. Instead, sociologists rather claim to have a vocation for the unintended (Sociology as Analysis of the Unintended, 2018, p. 9).







Other activities …

Chessboxing, judo, long distance running.

working towards engaging mechanisms of participatory budgeting (Warsaw) towards reclaiming and reviving the space under bridges for recreational, sport, and Street Art purposes