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LISIS Seminar: Failure Studies, 13 November 2024, Paris

The seminar will discuss failure inequalities and gather researchers from two labs: LISIS and Failure Lab UW.

LISIS (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences Innovations Sociétés) is a French interdisciplinary lab that gathers social scientists and management scholars interested in STS, innovation and transition studies, organizational studies, and failure theory.

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CfP: SASE mini-conference / MC05: Failures and Dilemmas: Exploiting Disruptive Interventions in Neoliberalism, 27-29 June 2024, Limerick

Failures and dilemmas constitute major sources of disruption in the emotions, politics and technologies of neoliberalism. They can open spaces of radical change and learning, yet they can also generate new forms of privilege and exploitation born of crisis and recession. We seek to understand the expectations and contestations that emerge in contemporary forms of failure, as well as the dilemmas posed by political, economic and social interventions.

Deadlines: Abstract by 19 January 2024 / SASE manuscript submission.

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CfP: Failure Regimes: Economization, Creolization and Moralization of Failing6-7 May 2024, Warsaw

Critical failure studies have made a major breakthrough when it comes to the theoretical framing and methodological imaginary of failure. This entails first and foremost switching from an individual to a more social and institutional perspective. Talking about failure regimes, contexts, and cultures is now meant to underline that failures are not individual blunders and lost opportunities that are self-evident.

Deadlines: Abstract by January 15, 2024 to a.mica[at]uw.edu.pl

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