Adriana Mica, PhD

Failure Lab, UW.

Photo Berezowski 5

18 June 2022

ENGLISH Black and white picture. View between the legs of a fighter. A male chessboxer kneeled in front of a chessboard. The chessboxer is all geared up: boxing glove on his right hand, helmet. He looks straight, pre-fight mood. Behind him, the ring with two male lightweight boxers sparring. Sculptured muscles, gym atmosphere. The chess […]

Photo Berezowski 4

18 June 2022

ENGLISH Black and white picture, from above. Three male fighters at three chessboards, sitting on the floor, in front of a boxing ring. Facing the middle chessboxer, the back head of a fourth fighter is visible. The middle chessboxer is fully geared up: white tank top, boxing glove on his left fist, helmet. With his […]

Photo Berezowski 3

18 June 2022

ENGLISH Black and white picture.  Six male light-middleweight chessboxers sparring. A seventh fighter, without his T-shirt, watches the ring action, smiling. At his feet, two chessboards, chess pieces and protective gear. Partially visible Academia Gorila big logo, boxing bag, and group training. Congenial gym atmosphere. Chessboxing is the embodiment of fighting communities. POLSKI Czarno-biała fotografia. […]

Photo Berezowski 2

18 June 2022

ENGLISH Black and white picture. Three male light-middleweight boxers fitting their boxing helmets. A fourth boxer enters the ring. While the fifth one is already there. Gym atmosphere, partially visible two big Academia Gorila logos. Additional protective gear lying at the side of the ring. Prepping for sparring and fighting is a ritual game. Great […]

Photo Berezowski 1

18 June 2022

ENGLISH Black and white picture. Chessboard on the ground with black and white chess pieces scattered — white pawns, black king etc. Dark grey crossfit flouring. Captured chess pieces lie at the side of the chessboard — two black knights, two white bishops etc. Bright boxing helmet near a wooden crossfit block. Intellectual rundown in […]

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