Why Paraformality Works

Why Paraformality Works. The Diffusion of Quick Cash Loans in Poland [Dlaczego paraformalność działa. Dyfuzja “chwilówki” w Polsce]

The proposed research project advances a new sociological concept – paraformality – and a theoretical perspective which frames paraformality as process, as institution diffusing. Starting from the generic definition of shadow banking system, paraformality could be depicted as the phenomenon that certain intermediaries and organizations – while not belonging to the traditional formal domain – provide services similar to the formal ones. The projects takes up this problem by exploring the diffusion of quick cash loans – the so-called chwilówka – in Poland.



Principal investigator: Iwona Jakubowska-Branicka

Key investigators: Aleksandra Herman and Adriana Mica

Implementing institution: Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialisation – University of Warsaw

Duration: 2014-2017

Funded byNational Science Centre, decision number UMO-2013/11/B/HS6/01506.